Support - FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

FairStars MP3 Recorder

Q: I get the error "An invalid argument was encountered", How to do with this problem?
A: This error indicated that there is a problem with your audio device. It maybe caused that:
(1). The operation system has occurs some error with audio device.
(2). The audio driver(sound card driver) has some problem. Some audio drivers could be able to support play music well, but maybe not support recording well, especially under Vista and Windows 7.
You may restart your computer to try. If the error still ocurs, please update your Sound Card driver and restart to try.

Q: What should I do if no devices appear in the "Record Device" list of "Record Source"?
A: This problem is caused by incompatibility of the sound card's software driver . You may reinstall or update the sound card driver, A windows signed driver is recommended. If the problem continues, please use "Recording Control" as follows.
(1). Click the button "Tools", and select the pop menu item "Open Record Device control " to open the "Recording Control" window.
(2). Select the appropriate settings in the Recording Control window. For example, If you would like to record from a microphone, select "Microphone" here.
Note: Some sound card driver maybe not support stereo mixer device. especially under Vista or Windows 7.

Q: Can I use my FairStars MP3 Recorder single-user license on multiple machines or transfer it to a new computer?
A: A single-user license is assigned to a specific user who can install the license to use FairStars MP3 Recorder on any computer he or she is using. Only the specific licensed user is authorized to use FairStars MP3 Recorder with a single-user license, and he or she can only use FairStars MP3 Recorder on one computer at a time.

The single-user license is designed to let you use your copy of FairStars MP3 Recorder wherever you work, for example, you might have one copy on your workstation and one on your notebook.
To use your license on another computer:
(1). Install FairStars Recorder on the new computer.
(2). Registered it by using your PN & SN code.

If you need to run FairStars MP3 Recorder on more than one computer at the same time, you should get multiple copies of the single-user license or a site license. If you want to get it, please contact us at to get the ordering link with discount.

Q: How long can FairStars MP3 Recorder record?
A: If you are using a registration version of the FairStars Recorder, it would allow your record as long time as you like only if the free hard disk space enough. If you are using a trial/evaluation version, it has a 120 seconds time limitation, on this case, you need to buy a registration code from us to register it to remove the limitation.

Q: Why no sense(wave patterns) in Wave Monitor of FairStars MP3 Recorder, but I can hear the music when recording?
A: It may be caused by:
(1). You have not not selected appropriate Recording Control and Recording Device.
(2). The record level is too lower. please increase it in Record Source of Record Option panel.

Q: Why the sound quality is very bad?
A: It may be you have selected too high level record volume. you may adjust the recording level to a lower value in Record Source of Record Option panel.

Q: What is the difference between FairStars MP3 Recorder and FairStars Recorder?
A: FairStars MP3 Recorder is the lite version of FairStars Recorder. FairStars MP3 Recorder cannot support WMA and FLAC format output, also not support Recording Schedule, etc.

Q: Does FairStars MP3 Recorder support Windows 7?
A: Yes, it provides native support for Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit edition).

Q: What is Silent Detector?
A: Silent Detector is Voice Activation System(VAS), it could do Voice Activation Detection(VAD), so could be able to skip silent passages, stop recording or record to a new file automatically after a set time silence.